FightBack’s Approach & Programs

The FightBack Approach is the culmination of the latest evidence-based research in combination with our unparalleled comprehensive care services to bridge the gaps in current therapy options for Parkinson’s patients and other chronic illnesses.

We provide a customized treatment program involving high-intensity exercise and neuroprotective modalities proven to combat comorbidities and help in slowing down the progression of disease while addressing the client’s physical, nutritional, and emotional needs.

Why Choose FightBack?

One-On-One Consultations

We provide 1:1 consultation and coaching in our new state of the art facility

Target Diet & Nutrition

We target diet and nutrition which are critical components involved in exercise and drug therapies most commonly prescribed for chronic illnesses including Parkinson’s, Stroke, Type II Diabetes and Obesity


We utilize FightBack’s proprietary modality, NeuroFire™, an individualized high-intensity technique for optimizing neuroplasticity

Personal Assessments

Every session is recorded to assess baselines and progress by the entire FightBack Team

FightBack Commitment Guarantee

Our FightBack specialists work with all individuals no matter the severity of the disease or those individuals whose journey has been complicated with comorbidities

Gold Standard

We fortify each program with the FightBack Gold Standard of Assessment that is woven into every session for maximum progress and results for every client

Life Coaching

Psychological wellness and life coaching for both the client and caregivers is overseen by Alex Vasileski, Doctor of Psychology

Client-Tailored Curriculum

We use tailored protocols designed by Evie Gagliano, Doctor of Physical Therapy, from over 18 years of experience treating individuals with chronic illness

Personalized Care

Our care is tailored to the individual, not just the disease