Parkinson’s Disease Program

1.5 People Million Are Affected By Parkinson's Disease

About 60,000 People Are Diagnosed Each Year

More Than 23,000 People Die From Parkinson's Each Year

The Fight Against Parkinson's Disease Has Evolved Over The Decades...

We have relied on cures in a bottle for many years, and although medications are helpful, it shouldn’t be the only method in our journey to a healthier self. At FightBack, we take a 360-degree approach to the individual addressing the physical, nutritional, and emotional needs. We understand that all three of these aspects must be addressed and improved in order to create the most optimal environment that produces the best outcomes.

Exercise Is As Important As Medicine When It Comes To A Diagnosis

At Fightback, we provide a customized treatment program involving high-intensity exercise and neuroprotective modalities proven to combat comorbidities associated with Parkinson’s Disease. We are certified in several evidence-based exercise programs proven to help slow down and even halt the progression of Parkinson’s Disease. These include RockSteady Boxing, LSVT Big, Yoga, Tai Chi, HIIT, and NeuroFire™. Data has been derived from our programs and the outcomes have shown improved gait speed producing bigger steps, decreased tremor, improved balance, increased trunk rotation and flexibility, improved endurance, and increased muscle strength leading to improved activities of daily living.

A Healthy Lifestyle Regresses The Effects of Parkinson's Disease

There is much support and evidence recently targeting the effect of diet on the progression and regression of Parkinson’s disease. We help to educate about the benefits of healthy eating in respect to overall wellness and symptom management. Before you start making changes to your diet, it is very important to understand how protein can interfere with the uptake of levodopa making it less effective. For individuals taking levodopa to manage symptoms, protein should not be eaten 30 minutes before or one hour after taking medications. At FightBack, we also recommend plant-based, whole food diets that are healthy for everyone. For individuals with Parkinson’s, loading up on vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds can help to manage symptoms and support a healthy lifestyle. It is also important to understand the beneficial nutrients called antioxidants, which help to reduce damage to cells in the body caused by free radicals. There is evidence that suggests antioxidants can reduce the risk of Parkinson’s, symptoms of Parkinson’s, and support healthy brain function.

Let FightBack Help You Fight Parkinson's Disease

We understand that when an individual gets the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, the psychological implications are at times debilitating. Everyone at one time will experience levels of depression and anxiety. We strongly believe that with a specialized exercise program, proper nutrition, and emotional support the client will be more equipped with the tools to build physical strength, improve confidence, and establish a sense of empowerment in their life.