FightBack Brings Empowerment and Hope to People Fighting Chronic Diseases

The fight against chronic disease is an ongoing challenge that requires determination and support.

Alex Vasileski, a two-time cancer survivor, founded FightBack to be the support system for people who are struggling and to help improve their quality of life. The FightBack programs involve training and rehabilitation for those diagnosed with Parkinson’s, diabetes, obesity, or those recovering from a stroke.

The Parkinson’s program is a primary focus for FightBack due to the wide range of symptoms and the various stages that the disease contains.

“We started this company because there is a gap in the industry for the chronically ill, particularly Parkinson’s patients. Everyone experiences Parkinson’s differently. It’s a spectrum disease,” said Vasileski.

As a certified trainer, movement specialist, and nutritionist, Vasileski works with clients one-on-one to determine the best treatment plans for each individual. Plans are developed to slow down the progression of disease by addressing the client’s physical, nutritional, and emotional needs.

Clients without a diagnosis can also receive treatment to work on other areas of improvement. Vasileski explained that a major goal of FightBack is to “bring a change in terms of how people understand who they are and where they want to go, whether it’s disease or non-disease based.”

There are currently around 50 clients coming to the FightBack ability center to receive treatment. Vasileski hopes to help even more people in the coming years, as the baby boomer population continues to seek out care and assistance.

Vasileski wants to bring motivation to those who are aging alongside disease. He wants them to know that with hard work, they can get their life back on track.

“We get them out and give them somewhere to be. They’re not aging in place. That kills them. We really bring a sense of empowerment and hope,” he said.


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FightBack provides customized treatment programs to bridge the gaps in current therapy options for Parkinson’s patients and other chronic illnesses. To learn more on how you can fight back against your illness, call 888-616-1294 or email [email protected]